Ravi Marchi

la miniera di gavorrano

If the visit to the museum in the gallery describes above all the mining activity in the subsoil, the plate by Ravi Marchi allows us to highlight the processing and transformation of the mineral once it reaches the surface.

The Ravi Marchi mine, active from 1910 to 1965, constitutes a sort of anomaly in the Gavorranese landscape, being the only site not owned by Montecatini. It belonged to the Marchi family, originally from the north of Tuscany, and employed, at the moment of maximum expansion, a few hundred miners, workers and technicians.

Object of an avant-garde restoration project, comparable to one archaeological excavation, the site offers the visitor an overview of the extraction operations with i castles of Vignaccio Vecchio and Vignaccio Nuovo and their respective winches, and on the enrichment of pyrite through the wash basins and thickener tanks of Dorr.

The night visit, with the wisely illuminated mining structures, gives different suggestions and emotions, as in front of a sort of modern “cathedral”.

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